Season 14: Cuisine, Tactics and Cool Life Hacks.

Jimmy Riggers:

Brock KurowskiBrock Kurowski
My name is Brock Kurowski and I am a Digital Media Technology Student at NWTC. I love working and listening to music. I enjoy watching movies and hanging out with friends!





Jason Woodrow

Jason Woodrow

I am a recovering tech geek and I’m now getting my fix on video production.  I’m husband, a father of four, a dog owner, and an introvert. I’m always too busy for my own good…        but I wouldn’t have it any other way


It’s All Fun and Games:

1512809_10205000773449145_985614025014537951_nPatrick Mock
Hello, my name is Patrick. I’m just a guy continuing education in the Digital Media Technology program,  and I’m having a good time doing it! I love working with graphic arts, photography, and motion graphics and I am looking forward to a bright future in the field!




IMG_2509Melanie Myers
Hey there!  My name is Melanie Myers and I am studying Digital Media Technology here at NWTC.  I crave to express my thoughts and creativity through the art of film and audio.  I aspire to create, produce, and edit content/audio and share to the world using digital media.







Joshua Hendzel
My name is Joshua hendzel and I am currently a student at NWTC. My goal is to graduate college and obtain a successful job. In my free time I like to watch movies and have a fun time.      







Taste Buds of Green Bay:

Tad DeLaurelleTad
My name is Tad DeLaruelle I love watching and creating new movies or videos. Working for the Packers as a WiFi coach during the season with my son. Enjoy working with the Staff and students at Green Bay Area Public Schools. Listening to music and watching my children play sports or band.


12604795_1044314338954735_3544440533606820065_oAishwarya Anil Kumthekar
Hey I’m Ash. Well, my real name is Aishwarya Anil Kumthekar. I love to dance and play Tennis. According to me I’m the best in archery and I love to eat junk food. My favorite thing in DMT is Editing, Editing and Editing. I am a big John Cena fan.